What Playing Baseball Taught Me About Being A Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Attorney

Another day at the office (L-R: Alfonso Mota, Vicente Javier, Sam Sheronick, Bruce Spurgeon). What playing baseball taught me about being a Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Attorney.   (Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Law Attorney)—When I was a kid, long before being a Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Attorney, my friends and I dreamed of playing pro baseball.   It was, we [...]

Litigation Over 2008 Rail Bridges Collapse Makes it to the U.S. Supreme Court

Media Only Inquiries Contact: Sam Sheronick of Sam Sheronick Law Firm, P.C. at (319) 366-8193 (Press Release on behalf of: Sam Sheronick Law Firm, P.C.; Cutter Law PC; Eric Ratinoff Law Corp.; Wexler Wallace LLP; Law Offices of Russell G. Petti) PRESS RELEASE (December 5, 2018)  Property owners seek restitution for over $6 billion in property damages, reports Sam Sheronick [...]

Without Contingency Fee Personal Injury Trial Lawyers (No Fee Unless You Win), the Little Guy and Gal Will Never Have Access to Justice Which is What Big Business/Big Insurance Wants

Contingency Fee personal injury trial lawyer (no fee unless you win)—When you step into a hospital, an airplane, an elevator etc., do you want to know you will be safe because an attorney will represent you should negligence harm you or your loved ones, or would you rather have no access to attorneys and leave your safety to the “conscience” [...]

Who is the Best Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case?

Who is the Best Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case?  At the age of six, I learned one of life’s most important lessons when I started pheasant hunting with my Dad in Benton County, Iowa.  Even though we had a cornfield less than 100 yards from our own backyard, we always hunted in Benton County in and around [...]

Are Large SUVs and Pick-Up Trucks Really Safer? Car Accident Law Firm Cites Real Case Outcomes That Questions Such Reasoning

“Common sense” tells us that larger sports utilities vehicles (SUVs) and pick-up trucks are safer in an accident, but ground breaking studies and our car accident law firm’s experience in over a quarter of a century of handling serious car accident cases, tells us otherwise. Our car accident law firm has seen this fact pattern a surprising number of times: [...]

What to Do in an Accident According to Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Lawyer

What to do in an accident?  It is important to learn in advance What to Do in an Accident since after a car accident, most people are too shook up to think clearly; Do you know what to do in accident? Review the information below before you are in a car accident so that you will be familiar with what [...]