Who is the Best Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Attorney for Your Case?  At the age of six, I learned one of life’s most important lessons when I started pheasant hunting with my Dad in Benton County, Iowa.  Even though we had a cornfield less than 100 yards from our own backyard, we always hunted in Benton County in and around Newhall, Atkins, Walford, Norway, Keystone, Belle Plain, Vinton, Van Horne, etc.  

On a cool autumn morning—opening day—I see my father walking in his Key brand overalls with his cap in hand, petting the farm dog as he knocks on the farmer’s door to ask permission to hunt.  More often than not, the farmer and my father have known each other for decades and they catch up on their growing families.

My father would then walk back to my uncle’s truck where he would help my six year old hands “load” my BB gun.  Dad would then take three shotgun shells out of a box and load his gun.

“Daddy, how many bullets does your gun take,” I asked.  My Dad patiently replied, “Six shotgun shells.”  I then asked why he did not put all 6 in his gun and why he did not put the rest of his shotgun shells in the elastic holders in his hunting vest.  

“I put three shells in my gun because the limit is three [pheasant] roosters.”

My father and I have hunted over 40 years together and while I have never kept stats, it is very, very rare that he raises his gun and a bird does not drop.  And he has never put more than 3 shells in his gun or taken any more than that with him.  My Dad also taught me to always say a prayer for the soul of the bird before I pull the trigger, and that we eat what we shoot.

We all know hunters who take six shots at every bird, without hitting a bird once.  Sadly, they go through boxes of shotgun shells every season with perhaps one or two birds—if that—to show for it.

But the most important lesson I learned from hunting with my father at age six is that it does not matter how many shells you fire—it’s how many shells hit their target.  This lesson has stayed with me as I strive to be the best Cedar Rapids personal injury attorney I can be.

When I started my Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm over 25 years ago, there were perhaps three law firms doing personal injury cases exclusively besides mine.  I marveled at the large case numbers of the other law firms as the attorneys in those firms handled well over a hundred cases each.  While they delegated a lot of the work to legal assistants and secretaries, each attorney was still responsible for 120, 150, or more cases each.

As noted here, a Cedar Rapids personal injury attorney handling 120 cases at a given time must conservatively, because of our court rules, try or settle a case every 3.3 days.  Think about that.  How can they be the best Cedar Rapids personal injury attorney?  That’s nearly 2 cases each attorney must try to a jury or settle every week.  What if it takes two weeks to try a single case?  The point is, that attorney must pick “winners” and “losers” amongst their caseload which is fine if your case is a “winner,” but what if your case—despite your serious injuries and damages—has been designated as a “loser” simply because there was not enough time for the attorney to realize it was a “winner”?  In other words, given such a case load and the limited time constraints, how are you sure that the law firm is not merely throwing spaghetti on the wall to see if some of it sticks?  Do you expect the self-proclaimed best Cedar Rapids personal injury attorney is putting the clients first when they do this?

Sam Sheronick Law Firm, P.C. is a Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm that is built upon limiting our caseload to give every client the compassion, attention, and results each client deserves.  You know, a funny thing happens when you only put a few shotgun shells in your gun: you make every shell count.

And along the way, we were able to help our clients get true justice which has also been a benefit to our firm which only gets a contingency (percentage) attorney fee if we win: we are, as far as we know, the only sole practitioner working on a contingency fee basis that has built our own office building in the state of Iowa.  Think about that the next time you see an ad for a firm trying to add more cases—more spaghetti—for them to throw at the wall.

More importantly, the insurance companies and defense lawyers are aware which Cedar Rapids personal injury firms are “Big Volume” firms whose huge caseload precludes them from having every case taken seriously.

Which is the best Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm for your case?  Only you can answer that question.  But at Sam Sheronick Law firm, P.C., we make every shot count.