Another day at the office (L-R: Alfonso Mota, Vicente Javier, Sam Sheronick, Bruce Spurgeon). What playing baseball taught me about being a Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Attorney.


(Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Law Attorney)—When I was a kid, long before being a Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Attorney, my friends and I dreamed of playing pro baseball.   It was, we thought, the pinnacle of what we could hope to become. The beginning of each baseball season brought us renewed hope that our aspirations would be realized. This week marks the opening of yet another baseball season, and everything seems possible; hope springs eternal once again.

Hope sprung eternal 65 years ago this week when Mr. Branch Rickey, President and General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, dared to knock down the first domino: he hired Jackie Robinson to become the first African-American to play in the Major Leagues. 

While Branch Rickey was idealistic, he also wanted his ball club to win; this first domino tipped into the one held by the fans. The fans’ domino staggered at first before overwhelmingly tipping into the next domino.

Ten years later in 1955, the dominos came to rest—momentarily before again falling—against a domino held by Rosa Parks who challenged society for a seat at the front of the bus. Maybe, just maybe, that first domino made it possible for Rosa to sit, Martin to stand—then march, Jesse to run, and Barack to ascend.

Sixty Five years and many dominos later reminds this Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Attorney that if we are in a position to pick teammates in work and in life—and if we truly want our team to win—we need to summon our courage and our inner Branch Rickey, and bring the best teammate on board irrespective of race, color, etc.: It’s the honorable and noble thing to do, and besides, its great business if you happen to like winning.

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