Potential clients regularly call our Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm asking if their injury is serious enough for our firm to consider taking their case. We ask these callers about the nature and extent of their injuries and sometimes the callers reply that their neck or back is sore but they had no broken bones. Just because someone does not have broken bones does not mean their accident-related injuries are not potentially very serious requiring the help of a knowledgeable and experienced Cedar Rapids personal  injury law firm.

For example and without limitation, if someone has a sore back or neck, we ask whether they have any pain, numbness, and/or tingling going from their neck down one or both arms or whether they have pain, numbness, and or tingling going from their lower back down one or both legs. In fact, these are typically some of the same questions a neurosurgeon will ask to determine whether someone is suffering from a potentially very dangerous condition. If such pain, numbness, or tingling are present going down an arm(s) or leg(s), this could mean potentially that there one or more bulging or herniated discs intruding on the spine, which could potentially lead to some very serious, irreversible conditions, including but not limited to paralysis and even death if left untreated. These symptoms may not appear for a few days or longer following an accident and such injuries typically cannot be seen in x-rays as more advanced imaging tools like an MRI must be ordered to help diagnose the nature and extent of the injury.

Sadly, our Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm is contacted a number of times each and every week by persons who handled their own personal injury case and settled with the insurance company before realizing the true extent of some very rather tragic injuries, and often, there is very little our Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm can do to help since the person already settled with the insurance company and signed a Release.

Remember that insurance companies—even your own—will not protect you as their sole goal is to limit their liability for the lowest amount possible before you determine the true nature and extent of your injuries. In fact, a very well-known insurance company was recently caught instructing its claims adjusters to inform people hurt in accidents they should not get an attorney as doing so would only cut into the injured person’s bottom line; in fact, the opposite was true as that insurance company’s own stats showed that people with attorneys on average receive higher settlements than persons without an attorney even after attorney fees were covered. In other words, the insurance company was instructing its claims adjusters to quickly settle claims for low amounts while instructing injured persons not to get an attorney because the insurance company’s own internal statistics showed the insurance company would have to pay substantially more when injured people are represented by experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys.

For over 20 years, our Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm does not charge for an initial consultation and we do not charge an attorney fee unless you win or settle your personal injury case. Talk to an attorney now and get your questions answered by clicking here.


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