What to do in an accident?  It is important to learn in advance What to Do in an Accident since after a car accident, most people are too shook up to think clearly; Do you know what to do in accident? Review the information below before you are in a car accident so that you will be familiar with what to after an accident:

1. Call 911 to report you have been in accident and ask for a police officer to come to the accident scene; if you are hurt or think you are, or if someone else may be hurt, ask dispatcher to also send an ambulance. IF A POLICE OFFICER THINKS YOU SHOULD GO TO THE HOSPITAL BY AMBULANCE, DO NOT REFUSE!

2. If the other driver caused the accident, INSIST that the police officer tickets the other driver.

3. Take cell photos of the following:
a. Front and Back of all other drivers’ driver’s licenses
b. Front and Back of other drivers’ Proof of Insurance card
c. Take photos of the license plate of each car involved
d. Take photos from all angles of each car (front, back, and sides of each car)

4. For each driver, each witness, and each passenger, take the following cell phone photos:

a. Front and back of each witnesses’ driver’s license (for later identification even if they were not driving)

b. Turn cell phone video on and individually ask each driver and each witness to state their full names, address, and home/cell phone numbers and ask them what they saw and what happened and where they were at the time of the accident.

5. Fill out all forms the police officer gives you; ask officer if any other forms need to be filled out. Also go to the Iowa Department of Transportation at www.iowadot.com to see if you have to fill out any other forms within 72 hours of the accident as failing to do so can result in suspension of driving privileges and other penalties.

6. Fully and truthfully explain ALL your aches and pains to every paramedic, every doctor, every nurse, etc.—do not exaggerate but do not leave anything out from head to toe.

7. You have an obligation to promptly contact your own insurance company to report the accident; if you are injured or think you are, you should immediately call a knowledgeable and experienced law firm that only handles personal injury claims to have them report the accident to your own insurance company since your own insurance company will be taking information to be used against you later. Your failure to promptly report (or have an attorney promptly report) the car accident to your own insurance company may result in your own insurance company refusing to cover the accident. If you think you might be hurt or injured, do NOT give any insurance company (even your own) a recorded statement by phone or in person without first promptly consulting a knowledgeable and experience personal injury attorney who will advise you how to fulfill your obligation to cooperate with your own insurance company while protecting your own rights.

8.Promptly call a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who only practices personal injury law to obtain their advice before any deadlines pass which might preclude you from obtaining damages for your injuries. A good attorney will not charge you for an initial consultation to see whether you can handle the case yourself or whether an attorney should represent you.

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