Is There Ever a Good Time to Give A Recorded Statement or Medical Release After an Accident?

Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Lawyer—Many people involved in personal injury accidents call our Cedar Rapids Personal Injury law firm stating that the insurance company for the other driver who caused the accident told them that in order to receive payment from the other driver’s insurance company, they must give the insurance company a recorded statement and they also must sign a medical release authorizing the insurance company to obtain their medical records. These callers want to know if they must give a recorded statement and medical release to the insurance company in order to get paid.

The simple answer is that the other driver’s insurance company will never be required to pay you anything unless you go to court and win.  The more complex question is can one get a proper settlement from the other driver’s insurance company without going to court and without providing the insurance company with a recorded statement or a signed medical release which enables the insurance company to look at all of your medical records.

The other driver’s insurance companies ask for a recorded statement and a signed medical release because they are trying to build a case against you with the recorded statement (using your own words against you) while trying to dig up some embarrassing medical condition totally unrelated to your personal injury case in an attempt to embarrassing you into settling for a smaller amount than you deserve.

Having said this, our Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm never allows our clients to give recorded statements or signed medical releases to the other driver’s insurance company as this will serve no purpose other than to allow the other diver’s insurance company to build a case against our clients.  Yet, we are able to get many of our clients’ cases settled without going to court.  How are we able to do this?

The answer, then seems to be that the insurance company plays by two sets of rules: one for persons injured who are not represented by lawyers who specialize in personal injury, and another set of rules for those represented by lawyers that specialize in personal injury cases.

It is important to remember that our Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm has specialized in Cedar Rapids personal injury cases for over 20 years as we deal with the insurance companies and defense lawyers day in and day out. We know how to communicate with the insurance companies and their lawyers without putting our clients’ cases at risk.

This is to be contrasted with your OWN insurance company where you have an obligation to not only promptly report the accident to your own insurance company, but you also have an obligation to cooperate with your own insurance company as your failure to do so could void your own insurance coverage which means that your own insurance company may refuse to pay anything out under your own insurance policy because you failed to cooperate with your own insurance company as required in the insurance policy contract language.

For over 20 years, our Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm has made sure our clients comply with their own insurance policy’s requirements to cooperate with their OWN insurance company while protecting our clients against their OWN insurance company building a case against them.

We are living in an age where you can go on line and learn how to fix a windshield wiper or fix a lawn mower and so on. Serious personal injury cases where it is important to obtain serious compensation for one’s injuries, however, are much different and should not be left to the do-it-yourselfer or even to lawyers who do not specialize in personal injury law.  Click here to Find the Best Cedar Rapids Personal Injury Lawyers for Your Case by Following Three Quick Steps.  Sadly, we are contacted by many people every week who settled their own case themselves and then realized afterwards that their settlement did not even begin to pay for things they did not contemplate at the time of their settlement; we are rarely able to do anything for those callers after they sign on the dotted line and accept the small settlement check.

In fact, it was revealed recently that a very large, well known insurance company told people hurt in an accident not to get a lawyer because it would reduce their settlement when, in fact, the insurance company’s own statistics showed that people represented by lawyers specializing in personal injury law obtained much larger settlements even after deducting attorney fees.

Our Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm invites anyone who is hurt in a personal injury accident to call our law firm for a free initial consultation to learn whether their particular case is something the caller can handle themselves or whether their case involves more complex issues which really requires the knowledge, skill, and expertise of a lawyer that specializes in personal injury law.

And remember, our Cedar Rapids personal injury law firm does not charge an attorney fee unless you win or settle your case.

Click here to learn why we are so upfront with callers when they call to ask whether they can handle a personal injury case themselves. It has been our experience that when we inform a caller they can handle a case by themselves without a lawyer, that caller will remember our honesty and refer their friends or loved ones to our firm in the future should a serious personal injury arise.

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