So how do you Find the Best Cedar Rapids, Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer for your case?

Some insider information the public should know: Law schools do not teach their students how to become personal injury lawyers or even trial lawyers for that matter. Our state requires absolutely no specific training, accreditation, or any other requirement to advertise that one allegedly practices in the field of personal injury law.  This means any lawyer can literally advertise they “handle” personal injury cases even if they were never trained in this specialty and even if they have never handled a personal injury case before yours.  So how do you find the best Cedar Rapids, Iowa personal injury lawyer for your case?

Answer: Simply use the following three quick and easy steps to help you find the best Cedar Rapids, Iowa personal injury lawyer for your case.

First, call a law firm and do not state you have a personal injury case. Instead, ask the person answering the phone what types of cases their firm handles.

If the person answering the phone fails to mention they handle personal injury cases, you do not need to continue the conversation unless you want to trust your case to such a firm.

If a person answering the phone claims they handle personal injury cases along with a number of other types of law such as family law, criminal law, bankruptcy, etc., a red flag should go up in your mind. While many firms would love to handle personal injury claims exclusively, the simple truth of the matter is that very few law firms are good enough at it to make a viable living exclusively handling personal injury cases, and as a result, those law firms often practice in many other areas to supplement their income. In trying to find the best Cedar Rapids, Iowa personal injury lawyer for your case, ask yourself: Do I want to trust my one and only case to a lawyer who does not practice personal injury law full time, or do I want an attorney who specializes exclusively in this area so I can find the best Cedar Rapids, Iowa personal injury lawyer for my case?

Second, if the person answering the phone at the law firm says they only handle personal injury cases, ask how many cases each attorney in their office handles at a given time. Knowing what we know about personal injury law and how much time we believe we need to spend to do our best to represent our clients well, we would be very concerned allowing our own personal injury case to be handled by an attorney whose caseload approaches 30 (or more) cases at any given time. In fact, our firm limits our caseload even lower to give each client the care, attention, compassion, and results each of our clients deserves.  Click this link here to learn why handling too many cases at one time can mean potential trouble if you are trying to find the best Cedar Rapids, Iowa personal injury lawyer for your one and only case.

Third, if you are satisfied with the answers to the two questions above, then you can go on to interview that lawyer to learn about their experience and results, see and hear what their clients have to say, and determine whether you feel you can work with that attorney on your case.

By following these three steps, you will be well on your way to finding the best Cedar Rapids, Iowa personal injury lawyer to handle your case.

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