Are Large SUVs and Pick-Up Trucks Really Safer? Car Accident Law Firm Cites Real Case Outcomes That Questions Such Reasoning


“Common sense” tells us that larger sports utilities vehicles (SUVs) and pick-up trucks are safer in an accident, but ground breaking studies and our car accident law firm’s experience in over a quarter of a century of handling serious car accident cases, tells us otherwise. Our car accident law firm has seen this fact pattern a surprising number of times: Our client, a strong and hardworking thirty-something pick up truck or SUV driver, is stopped at a stop light, and behind our client is an elderly driver in a Honda or a Toyota, also stopped, when a texting teenager in a new Nissan at full speed slams into the elderly driver’s car which slams into the back of our client’s pick-up truck or SUV. Most people would guess that the pick-up driver or SUV driver will be safer simply because [...]