Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cases.  In just the past three months, a jury has entered a $72 Million verdict while a separate jury entered a $55 Million verdict against Johnson & Johnson for continuing to use talc in baby powder which the juries found led to cancer.

Evidence showed that Johnson & Johnson allegedly knew for over 30 years about the cancer-causing dangers caused by talcum powder, but rather than discontinuing the use of talc—or at least warning consumers of the cancer risk associated with talc found in baby powder and other products—the company continued to sell its products with talc and without warnings.  In other words, business as usual–until these Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cases.

When one reads of $72 Million and $55 Million verdicts, the first thing they think of is a “runaway jury” or “greedy” plaintiffs or lawyers.

But what about greedy big corporations making an economic decision to consider profiting from the sale of products which included ingredients that its own insiders acknowledged could lead to cancer?  In other words, isn’t it fair to conclude that Johnson & Johnson made a business calculation that they could make more money selling products containing probable cancer-causing carcinogens than remove the products from the market, remove the harmful ingredients from the product, or at least warn consumers of potential risk?

And so if a large corporation is motivated to make no changes because they think they will make more money selling harmful products than it will cost J & J to pay off those stricken with cancer, and if a jury finds evidence that Johnson & Johnson’s products caused cancer to those who brought the lawsuits, how can Johnson & Johnson now complain?  Isn’t it fair to say Johnson & Johnson bought those lawsuits as the cost of doing business?

Isn’t it fair to now hold Johnson & Johnson accountable if its executives made a calculation long ago that they would lose x dollars if they took their products off the market (or changed their ingredients or printed warnings on the products) and that they would only lose y dollars if they have to pay out verdicts to those who got cancer or their family’s?

Consumer groups and health associations have previously warned Johnson & Johnson over possible harmful ingredients in its products including its baby powder and No More Tears Baby Shampoo.  Finally, these Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cases have started to send J & J a message that juries find their conduct unacceptable.

According to the AP, for years, “the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics began pushing Johnson & Johnson to eliminate questionable ingredients from its baby and adult personal care products. After three years of petitions, negative publicity and a boycott threat, the company agreed in 2012 to eliminate the ingredients 1,4-dioxane and formaldehyde, both considered probable human carcinogens, from all products by 2015.”

But what about those large verdicts in these Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cases?  Aren’t the juries being excessive?  Given Johnson & Johnson’s wealth, and if it ostensibly made a calculation that it was cheaper to pay for the harms their products caused to the users and families who used J & J’s products, it would appear large verdicts are required to finally get Johnson & Johnson to change the way it does business.

Stated another way, if a person earns $20,000.00 per year and they get a $100.00 speeding ticket, it hurts a lot and that fine will cause the driver to remember to drive the appropriate speed.  If a large corporation has billions in earnings and assets, a $100.00 fine is no disincentive to keep speeding because isn’t it just cheaper to keep paying the ticket and continue speeding on its way to collecting high profits?  So the juries in these Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cases were tasked with charging Johnson & Johnson a “speeding ticket” if you will, something that would finally get Johnson & Johnson to realize its business model will not be tolerated by a civil society.

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