June 27, 2013 First Case Update: Cedar Rapids Flood Class Action


  Cedar Rapids Flood Class Action Blog Type the search "Was Hurricane Katrina a Man-Made Disaster" into any search engine and you will find that Hurricane Katrina was an unremarkable, garden variety hurricane which would have caused very little damage had it not been for a series of human errors and bad decisions which transformed that minor storm into a catastrophic disaster of epic proportions. Simply stated, the world now knows Hurricane Katrina was a man-made and not a natural disaster. Similarly, a Class Action lawsuit was filed by Sam Sheronick Law Firm, P.C. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and the Sacramento, California law firm of Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff LLP against certain railroads and others which Plaintiffs believe caused and/or exacerbated the 2008 flooding in Cedar Rapids. Simply stated, scientific evidence at trial will prove a minor, run of the [...]