Litigation Over 2008 Rail Bridges Collapse Makes it to the U.S. Supreme Court


Media Only Inquiries Contact: Sam Sheronick of Sam Sheronick Law Firm, P.C. at (319) 366-8193 (Press Release on behalf of: Sam Sheronick Law Firm, P.C.; Cutter Law PC; Eric Ratinoff Law Corp.; Wexler Wallace LLP; Law Offices of Russell G. Petti) PRESS RELEASE (December 5, 2018)  Property owners seek restitution for over $6 billion in property damages, reports Sam Sheronick Law Firm, P.C., Cutter Law, P.C., Eric Ratinoff Law Corp, Wexler Wallace, LLP, and the Law Offices of Russell G. Petti. The United States Supreme Court is currently reviewing a case filed by property owners who allege that over $6 Billion in property damages occurred when the Defendants, Alliant Energy’s (LNT) CRANDIC Railway and Union Pacific Railroad (UNP), loaded weighted and joined rail cars onto over century old, dilapidated rail bridges ahead of a near annual minor flood. Plaintiffs allege [...]