Without Contingency Fee Personal Injury Trial Lawyers (No Fee Unless You Win), the Little Guy and Gal Will Never Have Access to Justice Which is What Big Business/Big Insurance Wants


Contingency Fee personal injury trial lawyer (no fee unless you win)—When you step into a hospital, an airplane, an elevator etc., do you want to know you will be safe because an attorney will represent you should negligence harm you or your loved ones, or would you rather have no access to attorneys and leave your safety to the “conscience” of a for-profit corporation whose only duty is to make its shareholders the most money at the least cost? Throughout our country’s history, the little guy and gal were never intended to have access to the courts which were reserved for the Big Corporations.  In Christy’s painting above, designed to commemorate the signing of the U.S. Constitution, I don’t see too many of the ninety-nine percenters—the little guys or gals like you or me with mud on their boots.  Instead, [...]